4/10/17 — SkiCo Moves East

10 April 2017 — Season winding down east and midwest, with the notable exception being the true hardcore skiers capable of navigating spring conditions…not quite the same in the Rockies, Snowbird UT receiving nearly two feet of snow this past weekend…actually the weather isn’t that far gone in parts of the east, but the paying customers are, so most operations have shut down. The usual suspects like Killington VT and Wildcat NH will be operating as long as they reasonably can. Others like Hunter Mountain and Whiteface NY are planning to reopen somewhat next weekend; we’ll have to wait and see if they go any beyond that…Take a look at the photo above courtesy Sam Shirley — taken Saturday on the trail to Tuckerman Ravine on the east side of Mount Washington NH. Saturday was the annual Inferno Race and Sam was volunteering at HoJo’s (that’s a Forest Service cabin located along the route) during the event. Snowed all day, and with winds on Tuckerman’s hitting 70 mph, the Inferno was moved down below treeline to the Sherburne Trail. Sam sez the Sherburne skied great, and recommends it to skiers who want the experience but aren’t necessarily inclined to ski the big bowl up high…big news rocking the ski industry today, Aspen Skiing Co. (better known as SkiCo) has reached an agreement to buy out Intrawest‘s ski operations, which include Steamboat Colorado, Stratton Vermont, Snowshoe West Virginia, Mont Tremblant Quebec, and Blue Mountain Ontario. Intrawest also operates Winter Park Colorado for the city of Denver. The deal is reportedly worth $1.5 billion, and as part of SkiCo will be privately owned by the Crown family of Chicago…and I regret to say that although the season is still going strong, resort customers and blog readers are dropping like flies, so we’ll be going to weekly reports. Even if I write something additional for some hot news or something, if you bookmark and check in once a week you’ll have it covered. Thanks for reading, think snow!

Tuckerman Trail photo taken April 8, 2017 by Sam Shirley