Gear Guide


Photo courtesy Hidden Valley Resort, Hidden Valley PA

How to Size and Select Skis

From understanding ski sizes, selecting shaped or parabolic skis, powder or midfat, frontside or rocker, understanding the differences between men’s and women’s skis, buying used skis, demo skis, and buying new skis

Guide to Buying Boots

DIN numbers, mondo sizing, and what size is a 27.5 anyway? How many buckles? Front entry, rear entry, or mid-entry? Buying and sizing ski boots, used or new? Get schooled!

Guide to Sizing & Selecting Ski Poles

Proper height is critical, as are the right type of “basket” for your skiing. And do you want composite or aluminum?

Understanding the DIN Range and Release Settings

Adjusting the DIN setting either compresses or decompresses a spring. That compression determines just how much force is required for the bindings to move and spit out the boot. It’s simple physics, right? How do you spell ACL?

Indemnified Bindings

The technician looks at your bindings, frowns, and then consults a chart. Finally, after not finding your binding model number listed, he shrugs and says, “we can’t work on these, they’re too old.” Here we explain why, and offer the latest available data on indemnification.

Helmets:  Put a Lid on It

Live free or die, right? Fine by me, I don’t wear mine all the time either. But the slopes have changed since the days gone by, skiers are faster on today’s corduroy and collisions are nastier. So all in all, helmets aren’t a bad idea. Here we tell you how to size ’em, and how to pick one out that doesn’t itch and drive you NUTS.

Wax On, Wax Off:  Ski Tuning Basics

It’s more than just wax; it’s sharpening, structuring, brushing…and that wonderful fragrance of molten p-tex. While mildly carcinogenic, it’s a sure sign that ski season is right around the corner.

Ski Bases — Get Structured

Those are the tiny hairlines on the base of your skis. Believe it or not, the thickness (thinness, really) help your skis go faster, and it’s all temperature dependent.

Caveat Emptor: Buying Gear on Craigslist, Ebay, et al.

Nothing says “free market” like buying skis on Craigslist…and nothing says “uneducated consumer” like some of the stuff that is sold there. We’ll tell you how to avoid the common pitfalls.

Where and How to Buy Skis

No secrets here, just facts, and it isn’t necessarily what you want to hear.  Skibum went up the mountain and came down with this stuff chiseled in stone.