2/16/18 Finally x 3; Right Ponies/Wrong Race

Finally snowing at Taos Ski Valley, 9″ overnight and much needed to get more open. What they had was actually pretty good, according to my buddy Mark S. who was on the New Mexico hill earlier this week.  Photo above shows the action this morning; you’re seeing the bottom of Al’s Run, which has not been open.

Finally snowing again at Mountain High in Southern California.  They were hanging in there, and it really wasn’t that bad, but the base was thinning quite a bit.  This last bit of snow puts them in fine shape for the holiday weekend.

Finally some recognition for Frida Hansdotter, who as you know was atop the trio that took home some iron in the Ladies’ Olympic slalom earlier today (last night for us).  The Swedish tech star always seemed to be the bridesmaid over the years.  On that topic, I believe Frida was married within the past couple years?  Not 100% sure of that as she is a very private person.  But I’m kinda sure she was, and I’m kinda disappointed that we didn’t hear any mention of it from Bode Miller!  He’s a terrific analyst BTW.

And speaking of the Olympics, regular readers may recall that I picked Mayer – Jansrud – Feuz for the Men’s downhill on Wednesday.  Well I had the right skiers, but the wrong race.  Matthias Mayer was a bit banged up for the downhill, but he was back on the track earlier today with a silky smooth run to claim the Super G gold.  Congrats to all the competitors, each one is skiing at an incredible, elite level.

Tonight (tomorrow in PyeongChang) we have the ladies on the Super G course, and naturally the domestic media is all about Lindsey Vonn.  Well, who isn’t about Lindsey Vonn?  They say “beauty, brains, talent — pick any two” but this is a case where the gal has it all.  Unfortunately she’s got company in the Super G discipline, most notably in the form of Lara Gut.   Add in an Austrian course setter who is probably trying to set up for Nicole Schmidhofer or Anna Veith or her husband.  If the course is set techy it will really favor Gut.  If they set speed — which would surprise me — Gut and Vonn could be a toss-up.  Either way Vonn is going first out of the box, so Gut will have the advantage of watching a couple runs.  I gotta figure Gut has the edge here.