2/14/18 — Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sweet day of candy and roses, rather POWDER, at Steamboat Resort today. They grabbed a foot of fresh in the last 24 hrs…hoping for competition tonight (tomorrow morning their time) in the PyeongChang games, looking for women’s GS and men’s DH. Arguably close to 20 different gals who could conceivably take the gold, 15-16 among the men. One who won’t be competing for Team USA is Tommy Biesemeyer, the oft-injured speedster hurt his ankle in the last training run and his slot in the race will be filled by Ryan Cochran-Siegle. I’ll go out on a limb with my prediction for the men: Picking Matthias Mayer to defend his gold medal, he’s looked silky smooth on this course. Follow him with Kjetil Jansrud and Beat Feuz. I’m not going to make any such predictions for the ladies, there are just too many good racers and anything can happen. Difference with the men is we’ve seen them on some version of the course three times, so we can at least get a vague idea of who looks comfortable on this particular hill…wayward Whiteface skier we’ve been reporting on allegedly hitched a ride on a semi truck to get to Sacramento…speaking of California, Mountain High got a much needed dose of snow yesterday. Might’ve had something to do with snowboarder Chloe Kim‘s outstanding performance; our gold medalist got her start at that SoCal resort.