Happy Friday, but a Setback in the Sierras

Yes Killington spun the North Ridge (Glades) chair, that photo above is from mid afternoon today. Not without its hiccups, however, as the lift was down for about an hour until it got started up again. All in all, give Kmart credit for a successful opening day…snow guns on in Pennsylvania this morning, really just a test, at Blue Mountain but Keystone Staters are glad to see it. Also glad to see a new trail on tap for this season; it’s a diamond looker’s left that is currently being called “Coming Soon.” They do have a contest going to name it, but keep calling it Coming Soon so I’m curious to see if the name sticks. Yes I know Pennsylvania is a commonwealth, have no idea why it’s referred to as the Keystone State…can you name the other three commonwealths? Kentucky no longer has a ski area; for ten trivia points see if you can name it…checking in with Loveland, which looks like a winter wonderland, they’re offering the usual early season route on Mambo/Catwalk/Home Run but expect to expand in the next week or so…Sad to report that longtime publisher of Skiing magazine, Harry Kaiser, has passed away…World Cup news, combined world champion Marco Schwarz of Austria is out for the next six weeks due to an ankle injury…tough news out of California, Sierra-at-Tahoe has announced that they’ll be shuttered for a while after the Caldor Fire hit the resort back in October. According to their Facebook post, “We have substantial work ahead of us before we are able to announce our opening day for this season, and it is unlikely that we will open in 2021 — so we have set our sights on resuming operations in early 2022.”…as for that lost area in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, it was Ski Butler, although not located in Butler KY. For more info and a trail map, check out our ski Kentucky page.