Domestic Drama at the World Championships

Some US Ski Team drama at the World Championships in Åre Sweden. Apparently Lindsey Vonn and Bode Miller suggested that Mikaela Shiffrin shoulda/coulda skied five events. Mikaela replied with some crazy long explanation on Instathingy and then Vonn replied and then Lindsey said she really didn’t know Mikaela that well, and maybe implied that Shiffrin wasn’t really on board with the team but did her own thing. Well!

If you watch the two ladies together, you probably get the impression that they are semi-comfortable together at best.
I think that’s just the natural competition between two greats who are wary of each other. Put two silverback gorillas in the same room, etc. But it goes beyond that. For all her success Shiffrin isn’t really part of the speed side of the team, while Vonn hasn’t really trained with the tech skiers for years. Another factor I think is their age/experience difference, Vonn is slick and presents a glamorous image while Mikaela is still putting cat whiskers and bunny ears on her instagram photos.

Despite all her hugging, I think Shiffrin hates to finish second. She acts all goofy when she wins, oh gosh did I do that?! And when she’s second (or even tied for first) she looks visibly pissed off, then tries to explain it that she was “processing” the run.