Shawnee Peak Report

Friday I made it back to Shawnee Peak for the first time in 6 years. I was impressed by the amount of snow they had, both natural and man-made. Most runs were open on the main face of the mountain, including natural trails and glades. The recent snowfall made for an excellent surface. Ungroomed trails had good cover, but a layer of crust under the new snow in places. All of the lifts were running, except for Sunnyside, which only operates weekends and holidays. It wasn’t very crowded, until the school groups started showing up around 4:00. Shawnee may be more expensive than some of the other areas around, but they do seem to deliver a consistent, quality product.

Editor’s Note:  Sun up to sun down, Sam gets maximum mileage out of his lift tickets! As for those of you thinking, “wait a second, I’ve been to Shawnee — this ain’t Shawnee!” Yaw probably thinking of Shawnee Mountain Pennsylvania. This here Shawnee Peak is in Maine, Bub.