1/4/18 It’s Bombastic

Pac NW Anthony Lakes Resort in Oregon, they’re looking good as early Januarys go with a 30″ base, reporting variable conditions but you wouldn’t know it from that beautiful photo above that they sent yesterday. Both nordic and alpine operations getting into full swing as they shift to their regular Thursday-Sunday schedule…Northeast in the midst of a “bomb cyclone” which is apparently a thing. Back in the day we used to call it a “big snowstorm” but I suppose that doesn’t generate much traction in the age of get clicks or get lost. Unfortunately this snow is going to be followed by an Arctic blast of cold; places like Gore Mountain NY staring down a Saturday high of ten below. This is supposedly going to be followed by temps in the 20s and bits of snow here and there, so New York & Boston weekend warriors might be better off waiting for next weekend. Although they’re saying Sunday will be bearable, sounds like a good time for a day trip to check out the new gondy at Belleayre…Wildwood MO Planning and Parks Commission seems to be coming around to Peak Resorts‘ point of view concerning a proposed zip line operation at Hidden Valley Resort. Public meeting a couple nights ago heard passionate pleas on both sides. In a nutshell, Peak wants more zip lines and operating hours than some of the townsfolk, who are complaining about noise. If you’ve ever heard a zip line you might find this a bit puzzling. Anyway, Peak has threatened to shutter and sell the property if they can’t generate more year-round revenue. Things looked bleak until Tuesday night’s meeting, when the commission voted unanimously to support the resort’s plan.