3/28/17 — Head to ARIZONA if your local resort is closed

28 March 2017 — As we reported yesterday, man killed at Loveland CO last Friday near bottom of Lift 8, only update we have is that he hit a tree and was wearing a helmet. I gotta be honest with you, I don’t ski much in trees, maybe a fairly open glade now and then, tree skiing is an easy way to get hurt. I understand the allure, and deep down wish I were better at it. Until then, I stay out. As Dirty Harry sez, a man’s got to know his limitations… US Alpine Championships competing this week at Sugarloaf Maine, wraps up with today’s Mens GS on the famed Narrow Gauge trail. Thus far your champs include:

Womens GS: Megan McJames
Womens SL: Resi Stiegler
Womens SG: Laurenne Ross
Mens GS: (I’ll fill in when we have it; race today at 12:30 EDT)
Mens SL: A.J. Ginnis
Mens SG: Ryan Cochran-Siegle

…sorry to say collegiate wunderkind Paula Moltzan of the University of Vermont DSQd the two technical events, but I’m telling you make a note of that name, you’re going to hear it in future competitions…photo above taken this weekend by New England correspondent Sam Shirley; Sam was at Pico Resort which is one of those terrific old line Vermont ski areas, just happens to be in the shadow of Killington these days. Looks like Sam was skiing the double fall line on the Pipeline trail under the Outpost lift. Photo also shows that they had excellent snow cover on Saturday. Unfortunately the skiing public is starting to thin out, which means a lot of these resorts will be banging it up soon…update from our southwest resorts, Sunrise Ski Park AZ still skiing on a 42 inch base, while fave Arizona Snowbowl near Flagstaff enjoying two feet of fresh from last week, they’ve got a 97 inch base. Right now the Snowbowl whispering about staying open until the end of April, which would make this the longest season in their history. That’s fantastic…Arizona, take off your rainbow shades!

Above, Pico Mountain Resort March 2017 courtesy Sam Shirley