3/21/17 — Done Too Soon

21 March 2017 — As we turn toward the homestretch for the month of March, a number of ski areas and resorts are banging it up for the season, or preparing to do so. Normally this happens for one of a few different reasons:

1. The snow is gone
2. The customers stop showing up
3. Seasonal employees head home
4. Lease agreements require closing

…I suppose reason #5 would be “other,” which is the only way to explain why places like Wild Mountain up in Minnesota shut it down this past weekend. Photo above is from their “Fun in the Sun” festivities on Saturday; obviously they’ve got the snow and the customers to use it. This is not a criticism; just saying you can’t stop the clock and the rec department in Taylors Falls has to move on. Can’t stop it, but I don’t have to like it…similarly, Terry Peak in South Dakota gonna shut it down Sunday afternoon March 26th. They’re still serving up plenty of snow, but again, thoughts turn elsewhere and, keep in mind that a lot of skiers just find spring conditions to be tough sledding. Experts will pooh-pooh this, but spring skiing is definitely difficult for a lot of average intermediates. Nothing wrong with that, that’s just how it is…same deal 1600 miles away at Montage Mountain in Pennsy; they’re doing a hard stop this coming Sunday as well…a lot of major resorts close with feet of snow, simply because the customers stop coming. Keystone CO, for example, has a hard date of April 9 and I think you’ll see cows fly before you’ll see that change [update 3/27 apparently cows do fly]…cold weather headed for the northeast, go out and get it this weekend because — with apologies to Neil Diamond — it will all be Done Too Soon.