News Roundup 12/7/16 — Extra Special Thanks to all our WWII Veterans & Families Today

7 December 2016 — In honor of Pearl Harbor Day with special and sincere “thank you” to those who gave so much…and while not trying to sound flippant, Mt Hood Ski Bowl was figuratively bombed yesterday, this time the surprise out of the Pacific was the lovely La Nina. They’ll be opening in about two hours this afternoon on a three foot base and going seven days a week from here out, all I can say is, huzzah! Photo above shows mountain ops having fun yesterday, making fabulous carpet out of a LOT of snow…same storm headed for the Wasatch right now, looking for Alta, Snowbird, Brighton etc to get the best of that…upper midwest pounded by this system as well, Deer Mountain in Deadwood, SD looks like a winter wonderland but they’re going to wait until next weekend to open as planned.

Photo above courtesy Mt Hood Ski Bowl