News Roundup 10/26/16

26 October 2016 — That big woosh from the northeast is a lot of compressor power cranked up for early season snowmaking! Not sure how much of it will stick, but it sure is a sight for sore eyes.  Photo above is from Wildcat NH yesterday; they have elevation in their favor. On the other side of the White Mountains Loon and Bretton Woods have also been firing up the guns…in case you missed it, Killington VT indeed opened to passholders yesterday, rest of the public today, and they’re looking at possibly three inches of natural snow tomorrow night.  If it happens, would enable Kmart to drop the ropes on a second route…ski swap time, Greek Peak NY has a new twist on it called “Hops & Swaps” combination ski swap and beer tasting, which sounds pretty damn good to me and why don’t more areas do this?  Anyway it’s this weekend, check with GP if you’re in that area…kudos to Dodge Ridge CA they’ve got $349 unlimited adult passes and $149 kid passes, that’s great stuff for a 1600′ vert ski resort!  I don’t usually report that kind of thing but this is pretty good and they deserve a plug with a deal like that…Jury says Douglas County, Colorado resident Casey Ferguson has to cough up $263,454.44 in damages to a man who was injured after Ferguson creamed into him on the Flying Dutchman run at Keystone Resort.  Stay in control, skier in front has the right of way.  Back tomorrow….

Photo credit:  Snowmaking yesterday, Wildcat NH.  Yesss!