Thanks for Joining Us!

Welcome to the new home of the old school…

Started this mess over a dozen years ago with a shiny new website called, which was eventually sold and re-launched as  That sounded cool at the time but never really caught on.

Through the years I wanted to use the name “ski bum,” it stuck with me after reading a book with that name when I was a teenager.  Not the classic Romain Gary novel, but a trashy tome about a Colorado skier who ran lifts and washed dishes so that he could pursue his passion.  Sounds great at age 14, and I guess it kind of stuck with me.

With the dot com owned by a Philadelphia retailer of the same name, I figured “ski bum” was a lost cause, so last season I dabbled with a new concept called to replace the clunky gondyline moniker.  It was launched on an attractive but rather touchy “responsive” site framework, an aspect necessary to display smoothly on hand held devices and tablets.

For the past month I’ve been involved in behind-the-scenes efforts to relaunch the site on less troublesome software.  While doing some registrar housekeeping, I discovered that after a dozen years of waiting, had been abandoned.  Not as desirable as the dot com, but not bad.

So here it is…short and to the point,

Hope you enjoy the ride!