Vintage Mount Snow Stuff

rare peel & stick felt patch

Interesting photo shot through one of the Savio double chairlift towers. This 2500′ lift was known as the Beaver Lift; the Little Beaver next to it ran 2000′. These lifts started at the lower parking lot level and ran right through what is now the Grand Summit Hotel. Upper terminus was somewhere above the trail currently known as Yard Sale.

The original Sundance chair, Sundance trail, and the Sundance lodge. Today this part of the trail is called Cooper’s Junction, and the much shorter Tumbleweed triple flies overhead.

Summer tourist ride on the “tram” chairlift. Note the lack of development in the valley below.

Snow Lake Lodge in its heyday.

Images of the old “gondola,” which was actually a fully enclosed chairlift.

base lodge in the early 1960s.

Patch from the 1980s.

Patch depicting the “space ship” tramway that connected the Snow Lake Lodge to the main base area.

1965 image reveals a few “lost” aspects of Mount Snow: Notice in the foreground, at Snow Lake Lodge, the giant ice/snow mound created by the fountain. Also between the Sundance Lodge (left) and the main lodge, the area presently occupied by the Grand Summit Hotel. The Beaver slope was much longer, and the Exhibition trail flowed seamlessly into Mixing Bowl. Also, the old Carinthia slopes are visible at far left in the photo. This was 20 years before the trails connected.

Early 1970s postcard of Thunderbird Lodge.

Here’s a more recent image, this view of the clocktower and Standard Trail was taken by ASC on the morning of February 27, 2003. The clocktower has since been repainted a dark brick red color.

Snow Lake Lodge in its heyday circa 1965. The old girl is a bit tarnished these days, but the rooms are well maintained and overall the Snow Lake Lodge provides an excellent value.

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