Miki Tops the Million Mark

As in, one million Swiss Francs, 1,000,386 CHF to be precise. In addition to scoring the most victories (17) in a single season, Mikaela Shiffrin became the first skier in FIS history to pass the million Swiss Franc mark. This was a combination of the 886,386 CHF she collected during the regular season, plus some 114,000 CHF garnered at the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships last February in Are Sweden. Nice round number, eh? Unfortunately each Swiss Franc only nets you .99 US Dollars, so in domestic terms she’s still just shy of a million bucks. Judging by her smile when she returned home in a private jet, I think she’ll be ok. Remember that’s just prize money, doesn’t include sponsorship deals…spring skiing continues in the east, just not in New York State as a lousy weekend weather forecast now has Whiteface shut down for the season…Maine’s Sugarloaf looks like mid winter in a lot of other places, they’ve announced May 5th as their closing date…may be some competition for the last-in-Michigan honors; small but mighty Ski Brule still spinning and making turns, hosting a variety of Easter festivities this weekend…sorry to report a fatality at Tuckerman’s Ravine this past weekend, a NH resident trapped under an avalanche.