Spring Storms Keep Coming

For the majority of the country, the season is over. But for a fortunate few who either have time or proximity to the remaining snow pack, this is shaping up as one of the finest spring ski seasons in the past 20…a foot of fresh in the past 24 hours has Utah’s Snowbird Resort humming and the only reason Peruvian Express, Peruvian Gulch, Mineral Basin, Baldy Express, Peruvian Tunnel and the Alta/Bird connection are closed today is due to avalanche danger. That’s not a typo; avalanche danger. Whatever, the Bird is committed to remaining open through May 12, and I bet they could go longer if necessary…photo above taken up the road at sister resort Alta. Taken right around noon today, believe it or not…The Spring Challenge between Boyne Mountain and Mount Bohemia is on for the second year to see which area can go longest. Winner must operate at least one day per week for a minimum of five hours per day; loser must donate a grand to the winner’s choice of charity. Boyne’s pick is the Boyne City Food Pantry, while Bohemia has earmarked the Copper Country Humane Society. Boyne won last year with skiing through May 6. Looking at what they got on their primary hill, I have a hunch they’ll repeat…east coasters looking to Killington to stretch it out like never before; KMart has a larger than usual “glacier” on the Superstar course. They’re talking June…up north in Vermont, Jay Peak has significantly better conditions than just about anywhere else in the east, grabbing 4″ of fresh overnight with 100% of terrain open today. Again, not a typo…meanwhile in central Vermont, throwback area Magic Mountain has resumed work on their new “black” chairlift, meaning they’re finally removing the previous old one. God be praised! Hopefully someone had the forethought to drive a wooden stake through whatever made that old lift go.