10/22/18 – Sam’s Sunday Sunday River Report

We were fortunate to have our New England correspondent, skier extraordinaire Sam Shirley hit the slopes at the Riv this weekend.  He’s a busy guy; in addition to studies at U Maine/Farmington, he’s a ski instructor at Ski Bradford in suburban Massachusetts.  Sam filed this report yesterday:

Sunday River had the T2 open above the Locke Mountain Mid-Station. Coverage was better than I expected, and the only sketchy part was the very bottom near the mid-station. The snow was hard-packed base snow and wasn’t the greatest for skiing on, but it wasn’t terrible either. Crowds were light, and the only wait was for downloading. It was in the upper 20s and low 30s with a moderate wind, so snowmaking guns were running most of the day across Locke and Barker Mountains. It was a very fun day, and a great preparation for bigger things to come!

Some photos from the day…

Above, stick season turns on the T2 at Sunday River. Below, the snowmaking guns continue…

…and the ride down at the end of the day!



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