4/17/18 News Update & Binding Recall

Photo above and below thanks to Matthew Micharlsen, documenting the past weekend at Loon (above) and Wildcat in New Hampshire. As you can see it was pretty darn good for mid-April. Another report received from the ‘cat on Saturday was simply “ice.” I should point out that most New Englanders refer to “ice” as “east coast packed powder.” Regardless, it’s light years ahead of most seasons as far as mid-April is concerned…Rossignol Group’s Look binding brand is recalling 2017-18 Pivot bindings because, in their words, “the heel piece might come loose and cause a skier to fall or crash. To arrange for an inspection and possible free replacement, contact LOOK Customer Service at look-contact@rossignol.com or call +44 1316192812.” I’ll see if I can find a US number for that. Anyway, the bindings were sold in black, white and yellow. Only date codes of H7, I7 or J7, without the letter “V” stamped on the black plastic piece behind the turntable heel unit are included in the recall. Thanks to Jeff for the heads-up…here you go, it’s 888-243-6722…pond skimming run amok this past weekend at Copper Mountain in Colorado; seems some knucklehead had a bit of liquor and decided he was going to jump over the crowd. The skier, Hayden Wright, crashed into the crowd and injured some people, including one woman who suffered a broken collarbone. Mr. Wright may face felony charges for his idiocy…US Forest Service has given the go-ahead to Alta‘s master plan, which includes construction of a tram and expanding restaurant operation. It also proposes something called the Flora Lift, a short lift at the top of Albion Basin that will enable skiers to access Germania Pass and Collins Bowl. Wasatch area environmental watchdog group Save Our Canyons opposes the plan…Squaw Valley CA announced that they passed the 400 inch mark for the season yesterday…a Vermont judge has approved the state’s motion to freeze the assets of Ariel Quiros, he’s the former owner of Jay Peak and Burke Mountain involved in a very complicated EB-5 fraud scheme…below is aforementioned photo of Matthew’s from Wildcat Mountain, looking across at Mt. Washington and particularly Tuckerman’s Ravine. If you squint real hard you’ll see Sam Shirley somewhere in that photo — we’ll have a report from Sam’s side of this image tomorrow…

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