11/29/17 Assembly Time!

If you’re new to this website, “assembly day” is the same here as it was back in school — when the teachers all had some sort of meeting and we gathered in the auditorium to watch an old movie.

Recent thread on the NELSAP chat website Snowjournal.com discussed the merits of Colorado’s small but mighty Ski Cooper. This prompted me to finally finish a short video I’ve been putting off. So in lieu of our regular report, we present this video report from one of our long time, personal favorite ski slopes:

2 thoughts on “11/29/17 Assembly Time!

  1. I love your website. I read it everyday dreaming of skiing. I live in Boston but try to get in 30 days a year on the MAX Pass. I want to thank you for such an awesome website but also wanted to let you know the link to the Maine Area Ski Guides has the wrong address linked to it. Thanks again for such an awesome website!

    1. Thanks Matthew, for the kind words and the heads-up on our bad link! Season starting out ok in the northeast, hope you can make those 30 days happen. Have family in the Boston area, maybe I’ll see you on the slopes at Wa-Wa, or my “small but mighty” favorite, Blue Hills! Have a great season — Rick

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