11/6/17 Expanded terrain & more guns coming on

Arapahoe Basin getting a few inches of snow here and there, now open to the summit with the Lenawee Face/Dercum’s Gulch route open…over the hill at Loveland they’ve added Lift 2 which services Tango Road, an underrated novice run. Most of us just see Lift 2 as a way to get elsewhere, but it really is a neat lift for newbies. Looking up high, it will be a while before Loveland has all that wide open stuff open…Not sure that last sentence makes a lot of sense…exciting stuff going on in the heartland, snow has fallen and guns are cranking at Lutsen, MN check out the photo taken a couple days ago…Michigan’s small but mighty Ski Brule has the guns on, add in some natural and they’re aiming for a Friday opening…Wisconsin’s Trollhaugen is OPEN, they’ve got a pair of runs and plan to add more as the week goes on…New Englanders looking forward to the Boston Ski & Snowboard Show this weekend; probably one of the few worth buying a ticket for…upstate New York psyched up after the Albany Ski & Snowboard Show this past weekend; they’ll be headed to West Mountain NY for their terrific ski swap on Saturday…tough news for the Vermont ski biz, Vermont Ski Areas Association (VSAA) president Parker Riehle departing after 19 years, plans to open his own lobbying and PR firm. I say tough news because he has been a valuable asset, promoting the sport in a state where you need a permit to raise the flag on your mailbox…ok I’m exaggerating, but not by much…in other state association news, California Ski Industry Association has published a “Mountain Safety Guide,” it’s sort of a mishmash of the responsibility code and the respect gets respect stuff. You can download it here, worth a click…speaking of California, a foot or two of fresh fell on the Donner/Tahoe area, Boreal pulled in nearly a foot of natural snow, and they plan to open Wednesday. Castle Peak will be spinning from 10am – 6pm with $49 tix, and from 3pm – 6pm for a reduced rate of $29. The lodge will be operating from 9am – 6pm, kudos to Boreal…nearby Sugar Bowl also looking good, no word yet on opener…

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