3/15/17 — Photo Day

15 March 2017 — Big snow making things better — way better — in the northeast; we’ll try to make sense of it all tomorrow. For now, sit back and relax, time for a few photos taken earlier today…

Above and below, Crested Butte Colorado through the lens of Mark “Max Pass” Smith; he’s done a heck of a tour of the Rocky Mountain State with stops at Copper, Eldora, and today the Butte. Haven’t had many specifics aside from the microbreweries he’s tallied after the lifts shut down, but as far as we can tell the Banana Chute at Crested Butte is one of the highlights. Go get it Markus!

Next we move to the eastern seaboard where correspondent and buddy Bill O’Hara contemplates the very surprising and very late season pow at Blue Mountain in Pennsylvania:

Hard to tell on a computer screen (worse on a cell phone) but that’s some darn fine conditions right there, I don’t care if it is Pennsy…

…and that’s it, see you in the morning. Do it up!

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