Eastern Resorts Running & Gunning

If you live in New England, West Virginia, and other eastern locales with some altitude and attitude, that roar you’re hearing is some awesome snowmaking power that is currently hammering the hills. Killington leads the way, as usual, targeting opening day TOMORROW for passholders and Saturday for the plebeians. K-Mart has to fire up on Superstar for the FIS World Cup event scheduled for Thanksgiving, but we’re glad to see that they’ve got the old Glades section going. It’ll be the old reliable up-and-down loading on the gondy, but skiing off the Glades chair or whatever they call it these days. (I’m old school. Sorry, nothing I can do) That photo above taken this morning on the Superstar World Cup course….over in NH, Cannon Mountain has a surprising number of guns going, and have a November 26 opening scheduled. Can’t recall seeing so much activity so early in Franconia Notch, but darn glad to see it…moving to Maine, Sunday River running up on T2, Upper Sunday Punch, Jim’s Whim, Right Stuff, and Monday Mourning. No word yet on when, but wouldn’t be surprised of a soft opening this weekend. They’ve done these unannounced things before…moving down the eastern states, we find plenty of things going on at Snowshoe Resort in West Virginia, not only do they have this going on:

…but also a nice dusting on natural snow. Now, I don’t want to rain on anybody’s parade here, but am compelled to report that the forecast for next week could un-do all of this nice white stuff. Let’s hope not…ski swaps scheduled for next weekend at West Mountain NY and in Sparta NJ, which is near Mountain Creek. Glad to see these going on, as there are still a number of swaps that haven’t returned from the Covid yet…moving into the midwest, Michigan’s Ski Brule has tested the guns, they’re targeting November 19…elsewhere in Michigan, we just got word that the decaying lodge and other structures at long-shuttered Sugar Loaf Resort near Traverse City have finally been demolished. New owner Jeff Katofsky considered moving and/or rebuilding the structure, but it’s seeing the wrecking ball. Katofsky hasn’t said what he plans to do with the property; it seems unlikely to be reborn as a ski resort.