Are You as Fortunate as a Fifth Grader?

Not gonna bore you with all the pass deals you’ve already spent too much time trying to figure out and justify in your budget. Purpose of today’s column is to make you aware of the “feel good” deals, rather than the “feel broke” deals…
My favorite is the Ski PA Snowpass, which gives 4th & 5th graders 3 free ski days plus a lesson at most (maybe all?) of the Keystone State’s ski resorts, and cost is just the $40 processing fee. You don’t even need to be a Pennsy resident. Can’t beat that. Although I still can’t figure out why it’s called the Keystone State when we all know that Pennsylvania is a Commonwealth. Anyway, kudos to Ski PA for this terrific program. Here’s a link if you’re in or near PA and have some 4th and 5th graders. Aspirin sold separately….next up, moving north we have Black Mountain of Maine working with Gorham Bike & Ski to provide a free season pass to any skier or rider who will be 10 years of age or younger on December 31st and reserves a season long ski rental package prior to November 29th. That’s skis and pass for $129, which is awesome. Especially if you have a ten year old, you’re probably broke at some level and you have a throbbing headache….turning west, Colorado SkiCountry USA serves up a 5th Grade Passport that provides 5th Graders across Colorado with 3 free days of skiing at 22 ski areas. 5th Grade graduates move up to the 6th Grade Passport which offers 6th Grade students (you probably figured that out) with 4 days of skiing at 22 ski areas for $110. Now if you’re good at math you’re wondering which Colorado ski areas are not participating in this fantastic deal. I’m not sure, but in my great and unmatched wisdom I would surmise that the Broomfield Borg is home to the party poopers. Here’s a link to the Colorado SkiCountry deal. That’s Colorado residents only…not to be outdone, Ski Vermont has a 5th grade program, err, passport. The Fifth Grade Passport gives kids 3 days at a whole bunch of resorts, including Killington, Stowe, Okemo — they’re all in it. Program is just $20, and there are a few black out days. No blackouts at Mad River Glen, Northeast Slopes or Cochran’s, but that’s no surprise since we all know how awesome those places are. Like the Pennsy pass, this one is also open to non-residents. Here’s the linky.

Photo above courtesy Bear Creek Resort, Macungie PA. Bear Creek is a small but mighty ski resort that participates in the super cool Ski PA programs.