April Madness

To ski or not to ski…checking the photo above taken yesterday, the answer would definitely be to ski! Now let’s see how well you know your Beehive State lift lines — answer below….Following up on a photo from last week, Pennsy’s Montage Mountain banged it up yesterday after their longest season in history, 111 days…plenty of turns still available in the northeast, Sugarloaf Maine got a few inches of fresh this morning and conditions today were better than some from back in January…Vermont’s Killington looking to go into May and possibly June. They’ll be spinning in May no question, but don’t expect to do it on the North Ridge Triple — that workhorse lift made its final revolutions yesterday, slated to be replaced by a quad…New York’s (and a little Massachusetts) throwback resort Catamount has started clearing trees and what have you for a flurry of new trails, all within the existing footprint…Mountain Creek NJ reports that Charles Blier is returning as vice president and general manager; Blier was part of Creek management during Intrawest ownership before leaving in 2006…Michigan State Police (no relation to Michigan State Spartans) have issued a press release detailing a March 16 call to Boyne Mountain Resort where they arrested 23-year-old Reid Muscio of Ypsilanti on a drunk and disorderly charge. The young skier proceeded to struggle and has subsequently been charged by the Charlevoix County Prosecuting Attorney’s office with resisting and obstructing a police officer, assault and battery, and disorderly person…and if you said that photo was taken yesterday at Solitude Resort in Utah’s Big Cottonwood Canyon, give yourself a pat on the back…Remember it’s not too late to request some free Ski Bum stickers; just email sticker(at)skibum(dot)net.

Photo courtesy Mark Smith. Thanks Mark!