Wintry Mix

I know, I know, we all despise that forecast. But it is March, and like it or not you’re in for it. Mystery photo above certainly shows how good things are in some spots — see if you can guess where. Answer at the end of the report…let’s turn to the middle, Terry Peak SD has announced Sunday March 31 as their final day of the season…this coming Sunday will have Cannon Mountain NH hosting the annual BodeFest, which for $49 kids get lunch, some goodies, plus an opportunity to meet, greet, and loop the Zoomer chair a few times with Bode Miller. Best of all, 100% of the registration fee will benefit The Turtle Ridge Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting innovative and progressive adaptive athletic opportunities. I think that’s super cool…lift movements planned to speed things up at Windham NY, see if you can follow this: “C Lift, a fixed grip triple chair serving beginner and intermediate terrain on the lower half of the West Peak will be upgraded with the relocation of the high speed quad now in place as A Lift.” Not sure what that means other than it should get people out of the base area a lot faster. Other than that it reminds me of high school algebra…shout out to one of our readers “Shogdog” who weighs in on the value of the Ikon Pass versus buying a regular ticket at Steamboat CO: “People in Steamboat can complain all they want, but the only alternative to an Ikon Pass is a $200 per day lift ticket (in March), Are they out of their F*’in minds? Been skiing Steamboat every year since I was a kid in the 70’s. But not this year. No way I’m paying $398 for 2 days of skiing. I’ll skin up before I pay that! — well said Shogdog, and thanks for the feedback…and our photo above is none other than Mountain High in Southern California where they got another 18″ overnight, had to delay opening while they dug out this morning. They’re looking to be open through April 7, which is also super cool.