News Roundup

It’s official: we’re seeing the usual signs that foreshadow the end of the season. Ugh. Namely the social media posts that say “the season isn’t over yet” by desperate resorts watching the thirtysomethings sign young Jacob and Isabella up for spring sports…add in the pass deals, perhaps the most notorious of which is the Ikon Pass. Mark it down, 2019 is the first season that we’re seeing widespread posters bashing the Ikon Pass in virtually every ski town — including those without Ikon resorts! It’s an interesting phenomenon, as the locals need the traffic and the income but despise the overcrowding that such passes bring. Why anyone would relish the lines that are becoming standard fare at places like Jackson Hole and Steamboat is beyond me, but ikon report that Ikon pass buyers are actually excited and enthusiastic buyers, and the number ain’t going down anytime soon…and another telltale sign that the end will come upon us like an express train, Terry Peak in the Black Hills sez they’re going to close promptly at the end of the month. This despite awesome conditions and low temps — check the photo above which we grabbed this morning…haven’t said much about Pennsy’s Poconos this season, not much news aside from some mishaps but skiing real well right now; Camelback got 9″ Sunday night and is serving up what may be their best conditions of the season…tough news continues to file in from New Hampshire where Attitash mountain ops having fits with the summit triple on their main mountain. They had this thing rebuilt a couple years ago, right now trying to get the bullwheel down and sort it out…Alterra has announced its “marquee 2019/2020 projects aimed at enhancing the guest experience,” in other words, every sort of improvement from new restaurant linens to lifts, with everything in between. Since we can safely assume that the linens will be nice regardless, I’ll skip right to the lifts. The primary projects include new high-speed lifts at Squaw/Alpine and Winter Park, plus an upgrade to the gondy at Steamboat. They’re also going to put in direct-to-lift access at Deer Valley Resort…back to New Hampshire, better news from Granite Gorge near Keene, according to our friends at New England Ski Industry the modest ski area is spinning a surface lift of some sort. The area had previously said they were only gonna be offering tubing this season, so that’s at least something.