Thursday News

Shots fired back from Gwyneth Paltrow’s camp in the alleged 2016 Deer Valley collision lawsuit; attorney sez Gwynnie was the real victim when retired optometrist Terry Sanderson collided into her. Sanderson filed suit last month claiming that the actress smashed into him, resulting in a concussion and four broken ribs. He’s seeking $3.1 million in damages…photo above from my buddy Kevin, taken this morning at Mount Snow VT. He sez it was a great day on the hill, which reflects well on Sneaux’s grooming team after some overnight icing…Snow immersion fatalities all over the place this past week. First up, last Saturday 23-year-old Johnathan Patrick Likeke Walker, age 23, was skiing with a group of patrollers at Mt. Ashland Oregon. Jackson County Sheriff’s Office reports that Walker was the last of the group to descend a slope, and when the other skiers looked back they saw that Walker had skied into a tree well and had become trapped upside down in the snow. The trio climbed back up and freed Walker, but he was not breathing. Efforts to resuscitate Walker by ski patrol members, as well as by medical personnel, went on for two hours…in a similar incident, Brett Herrick, 62, of Seaside CA was discovered by avy rescue dogs Tuesday morning at Heavenly Mountain Resort in Lake Tahoe. Herrick was last seen by his girlfriend shortly before noon Monday on the Nevada side of the resort. Herrick was found buried in deep powder in the Aries Woods, between the groomed Comet and Dipper runs. Douglas County NV Undersheriff Paul Howell says it is believed “…he was off the trail skiing in some very deep powder, and his ski tips crossed and he went over face first and couldn’t get out. It’s called snow immersion, and you drown, and it can happen when you’re in powder that’s as deep as the powder we have.”