Lawsuits, Lifts & Peaks

Photo above taken this morning by my buddy Jeff, see if you can guess the resort. Answer at the end…First up, the lawsuit. Breaking news out of Utah where resident Terry Sanderson is suing Gwyneth Paltrow for allegedly crashing into him and leaving the scene on Feb. 26, 2016 at Deer Valley Resort in Park City. Utah law states that if you are involved in a skier collision resulting in injury to any person, you are required to stop at the scene and render reasonable assistance which may include notifying resort personnel or warding off other skiers while waiting for aid. So if Ms. Paltrow was behind, and indeed did not stop, Mr. Sanderson has a case. Court will decide; suit was filed yesterday…super cold temps continue to plague the midwest, a couple of the holdouts planning to stay open were Boston Mills and Brandywine in Ohio, but they’ve banged it up as well today, back in action tomorrow. Kind of a shame they lost some momentum after a terrific visit by the Tell-A-Friend Tour. That, if you aren’t familiar with it, is a group of newschoolers led by Andy Parry, and they’re actually friendly and pleasant. Meanwhile Boston Mills and Brandy have the snow guns blazing, so it should set up for awesome conditions this weekend…snow continues to fall at resorts from coast to coast, Arapahoe Basin Colorado now has the Tree Chutes open…now to the lifts, Wintergreen Virginia faithful grumbling about the off-again/on-again Partek fixed grip quad in the Big Acorn section. With apologies to Chuck Berry, we had motor trouble that turned into a struggle. After locating a replacement motor, the lift has been running in fits and starts and the lifties are only loading every other chair. Sources tell me this indicates a lack of power, likely that the replacement motor doesn’t have enough oomph to move a fully loaded cable. When the load increases and the motor draws too much amperage, a safety kicks in and shuts it down. So that’s why they send up empty chairs and the lines get long and the grumbling rumbles. Hard to say what will become of this 20-year-old ropeway. Regulars and homeowners are hopeful for another high speed six pack…and we revisit Waterville Valley NH, where work continues on the Sunnyside chair, which had problems, and the High Country t-bar…speaking of that super cold, Paoli Peaks Indiana also shut down today, making snow during the deep freeze…checking other midwest peaks, Granite Peak Wisconsin another indicator, they’re silent today and tomorrow…but it’s not all gloom and doom on those midwestern (gotta do it) peaks, Michigan’s Caberfae Peaks still cranking the lifts with nearly four feet of snow in eight days, I can’t recall better conditions there…photo above? so that’s Smuggler’s Notch, Vermont, taken this morning with 8″ or so of fresh powder. And it’s been great all week; we’ll leave you with Karly below, cruising through some of yesterday’s remaining pow.