Sam Grabs a Rope as New England Gets Blasted

What better place to enjoy a powder day then the largest rope tow served ski area in New England?

A local business was sponsoring a free ski day at Spruce Mountain Maine, so I had to come and check another ski area off my list. The drive from Farmington took roughly 45 minutes, and when I arrived, the road to the ski area had not yet been plowed. Luckily, the Subaru handled the 12″+ of snow without issue.

The mountain has a unique layout with skiing above and below the lodge and three rope tow rides needed to take advantage of the full 300 vertical feet. All three ropes were running, and every trail was open. Most trails had a few passes by the groomer in the morning, but powder could be found everywhere. Even with the free tickets, there were never more than ten people on the slopes at a time, and even fewer on the upper mountain. The trails are classic New England runs. Two of my favorites were the intermediate cruiser through the woods, called ‘Suicide’, and the steep, narrow, somewhat gladed double black, called ‘The Wall’ (not on the trail map).

If it weren’t for the modern snowmaking equipment, I’m sure this place feels exactly how it did in the 60s. i was still getting first tracks on trails more than an hour after opening, and there was no chance of any runs getting tracked out. It was a fun place to ski powder for a couple hours before I couldn’t hold on to the ropes any longer.