More Openings, Ski Rage Assault Trial Postponed

Wyoming’s biggie Jackson Hole Mountain Resort getting plenty of snow from Mother Nature — two feet in the last week — and they’re scheduled to spin on November 24th. Photo above is the iconic antler arch downtown…Michigan’s popular Caberfae Peaks planning to open some trails this Saturday and Sunday, November 17th & 18th, marking their earliest opening in recent memory. No official word yet on how much or what, but we’re told the schedule will be 10 am to 5 pm both days…couple years back we reported on NJ anesthesiologist Samuel Caruthers, now age 46, accused of punching a 12-year-old and stabbing him with a ski pole at Mountain Creek; that trial is now scheduled for March. Caruthers’ attorney has filed a self-defense motion. Witnesses say his son was hit when the victim “accidentally” skied into him on Feb. 14, 2016, after which Caruthers allegedly attacked the kid. Prosecutor sez the state has plenty of proof including a cell phone video. According to reports, Caruthers may have a history of anger management; he allegedly assaulted a man walking his dog in Maryland in 2010 although that case has been expunged. In 2013 Caruthers allegedly struck a protestor with the sideview mirror of his BMW at the medical office where he worked, case dismissed. If convicted, Caruthers could go up the river for 22 years. He declined a final plea offer in February that would have had him in the clink for 180 days…in Vermont, Jay Peak allegedly scheduling next Friday November 23 to kick off the season. Jay gleaned about 10″ yesterday and has snow guns on The Jet and then will focus on Haynes. They’re also allegedly going to try for a few park features on Stateside…sorry got in the habit…FIS World Cup back in action this weekend in Levi Finland with guys and gals slalom competition. Petra Vhlova and Felix Neureuther are defending winners from a year ago. The German superstar was injured shortly after the race in Levi and had to skip the rest of the season; Felix sez he’s ready but I don’t think he’s top-of-the-podium ready. Levi winners traditionally receive a live reindeer as part of the prize…New Hampshire’s Loon Mountain planning to open Friday on a mix of natural and manmade. Right now they’re working on nine differnet trail sections and possibly a couple of park features…working our way through the alphabet, Minnesota’s biggie Lutsen scheduled to open Saturday and Sunday with Flapjack conveyor and the 10th Mountain Chair serving beginner, intermediate and advanced terrain. Snowmaking continues on Ullr, Eagle and Moose Mountain, which are projected for the Thanksgiving weekend.