10/18/18 Tomorrow is Game On, East and West!

Killington made it official this morning, the Beast of the East will drop the ropes on the North Ridge section (that’s the old Glades, for us oldtimers) with up-and-down loading on the K1 gondy and a short hike on the catwalk…not to be outdone, Maine’s Sunday River is also kicking off the season tomorrow.  They’ll be  serving up the T2 trail with lift service from mid-station of the Locke triple, up-and-downloading from Barker Lodge.  Snow conditions will be ungroomed new snowmaking, not for anyone with sketchy knees…we already mentioned Arapahoe Basin kicking it off tomorrow, with Loveland to follow suit on Saturday…Not sure when we’ll see the Tahoe I-80 areas jump in the game, they’ve got some warm temps on tap.  Boreal was optimistic and made a bunch but it seems to be shrinking in the sunshine…able to confirm that Winter Park will indeed have their new gondy up and running in December, check out the photo above as they work away in the early winter chill…this weekend begins the 39th annual ski swap at small but mighty McIntyre Mountain in Southern NH; check their website for details.  I think it goes on all week, but not sure about that.


Photo above courtesy Winter Park Resort