4/20/18 Time for Tucks

As in, Tuckerman Ravine, the famous snow-catching bowl on the eastern flank of Mt Washington, NH. Believe it or not it has snowed — from flurries to feet — every single day of the past month somewhere on Mt. Washington. We were fortunate to have our New England correspondent Sam Shirley on hand last weekend for the classic Inferno Race, and he snapped the photos above and below and filed this report:

After volunteering at Hermit Lake during Yesterday’s Inferno race, I hiked part way up Hillman’s Highway and skied down to Pinkham via the Sherburne Trail. There was a slight break in the cloud cover which allowed for some visibility, but freezing rain started as I hiked up. There was moderate avalanche danger and the snow had turned to ice, so I only bootpacked up as far as the turn. The run down was very fast and icy all the way to Pinkham. Bare spots are showing through on parts of the Sherbie, but it was still easy to ski continuously.

For those of you who don’t care to earn your turns, well, there are plenty of options. We haven’t had an April like this since, well, for a long time. Doesn’t seem to matter where; in the east it snowed on top of Killington today, and in the west the summit cone of Mt Bachelor is open. Snowbird Utah got 7″ of fresh overnight, and Arapahoe Basin Colorado is in the crosshairs of a storm that is expected to drop between 4″ and 14″ tonight. Midwest is quietly enjoying the best April in a decade; over a foot of fresh being groomed at Boyne Michigan for the weekend. In Minnesota, Lutsen spinning the Bridge lift with 22 runs on Eagle, and Wild Mountain reopening Saturday and Sunday with all kinds of coverage.

If you think next April will be this good, you’re probably wrong.

Anyway, here are a couple more photos from Sam, including a great view across Pinkham Notch to the slopes of Wildcat Mountain