3/14/14 Some Random Colorado Observations

Last week I borrowed a few Colorado observations from my observant brother. Having just completed a tour of Crested Butte (pictured above), Ski Cooper of course, and Steamboat — along with very brief stops at Monarch and Arapahoe Basin, I’ve got a few observations of my own. Here goes…

The Good

1. Colorado skiing is still better than most other skiing, even in a bad year

2. Crested Butte is still off the beaten path

3. Colorado beer is good

4. Coloradoans and Texans tend to be nice people

5. Humidity is low, the scenery is good


The Not-So-Good

1. Many millennials have filthy mouths

2. Some Texas dads try to push their families into skiing well above their skill level

3. Crested Butte will eventually become another overcrowded resort

4. Steamboat base area has become hideous

5. Some Texans think they own the ski slope, even if they are very average skiers


Neither good nor bad, just is what it is

1. Colorado is booming, not just Denver

2. Most people like crowds

3. Colorado will experience a water shortage during the summer of 2018

4. Colorado beer isn’t as great as they think it is

5. Real estate prices are skyrocketing, even in backwaters