3/8/18 – Some random Colorado observations in advance of the Texas school vacation

We’re just days away from Texas school vacation week, which explains why Colorado resorts will be packed next week. Still doesn’t explain why they need a book depository, but, whatever.

By this point in the season, I usually run out of stuff to say about Colorado. So I tend to make stuff up, or steal it. Fortunately this year is a little different, because my brother was kind enough to send a report after his recent trip to Colorado. He included a few random observations (hence the title) and after reading them I thought, problem solved, I’ll just borrow this and pretend I wrote it.

Here goes, random observations for all my Texas friends headed in that direction:

  1. I always talk to people on the lifts. Always amazing to me how many people drive up from Denver for the day, ski, and go home. One guy said he drives up and back most Sat and Sun of ski season.
  2. Not sure Ski Cooper is real. The locals have all heard of it, plan to go, and have never been.
  3. There is a huge benefit to the Epic Pass – locals buy the season pass, and ski all over the place, so they really like it. For $600, it pays for itself in five days, AND they are not relegated to just one mountain/one pass.
  4. Eldora is not held in high regard by the locals.
  5. Friday and Saturday were, by leaps and bounds, the best I’ve ever skied. [editor’s note: that won’t help anybody, but it gives you some idea of what you missed last weekend.]
  6. The only people who like Breckenridge must be the people who are there skiing. Nearly everyone on the chairs despise it for the same reason I do – incredibly long lift lines!

Thanks Glen! Yes, Ski Coop is real, photo above.