1/9/18 Colorado in the cross hairs

First up, mystery photo above. If you can name the ski resort, give yourself a gold star. Save up three gold stars, and you can trade them in for a platinum star. Or just send an email with your mailing address to sticker(at)skibum(dot)net and we’ll send you some free stickers, regardless of how many stars you have…weather pattern shaping up to deliver a serious punch across the Rockies and Upper Midwest; forecast for the east looks like a can of garbage. It’s already starting to look like a normal winter weather pattern in parts of Colorado. Continental divide neighbors Arapahoe Basin and Loveland both seeing traces of snow here and there, modest amounts expected this afternoon and then — hopefully — boom. Snow should start rolling in around 4 am tomorrow. Other parts of the state getting an inch or so yesterday, again, everybody looking to the sky tomorrow…tough sledding in Europe, 13,000 tourists stranded in Zermatt due to extreme avy danger…back to Colorado, 22-year-old male skier apparently smacked into a tree at Eldora Resort Sunday; he survived, was airlifted to hospital. Eldora GM Brent Tregaskis sez they think the young man will be fine, that’s good news. The skier was wearing a helmet, although we have no idea if that made any difference. Certainly didn’t hurt…on a more somber note, we missed the news from aforementioned Loveland last week that a mountain ops employee was killed Dec 30th. 40-year-old Adam Lee had recently moved back to Colorado after living in Michigan. According to the coroner’s report, Lee died of chest injuries while working on a magic carpet lift, of all things…we’re just 30 days from the PyeongChang Winter Olympics. Am I the only one tired of hearing about Tonya Harding every four years? It was mildly interesting back when she was smacking boyfriends with hubcaps and getting arrested in trailer parks. Now that she’s a cranky middle aged broad, not so much…that photo above is Terry Peak in the Black Hills of South Dakota; I did not know that they offer night skiing.