11/30/17 Christmas comes early at Grand Targhee

We’re on the brink of December and this early season is similar to many early seasons before it: Colorado resorts are spotty, some of them watching their precious base slowly melting. New England resorts are spotty, snowmakers are blowing snow and then watching rain fall a few days later. Midwest resorts are spotty, anything south of Lake Huron is still hosting swaps and job fairs. Tahoe resorts are spotty, south end of the lake is almost a ghost town.

So where’s the snow?

Check the photo above, taken a couple hours after sunrise this morning from the summit of Grand Targhee. Yep, they got the snow, and they’re making the most of it with all lifts spinning and every trail open. One hundred percent. Figured I’d share that with you so that I’m not the only one sitting here wondering what can of crap my local hill will have this weekend. Sigh. Hey it’s still early, let’s not wish the season away.

Oh heck the news ain’t all bad elsewhere. Smaller stalwarts are expected to reopen this weekend, I’m talking the likes of Bromley VT and Caberfae MI. These are two of those mid-sized, more family-oriented places that often operate in the shadow of a bigger, better known resort. Anyway, Caberfae sez they’ll spin two lifts and have Canyon, Smiling Irishman, Shelter, Ski Shop & Easy Street open…speaking of family type joints in the shadow of bigger brethren, West Mountain NY has announced Dec 16 as opening day…as for the crap weather, Mid-Atlantic getting the worst of it. Regional favorite Wintergreen VA often has something going by now, but they haven’t been able to start snowmaking yet. That says something, since WTG has one of the most technologically advanced systems in the country.