11/7/17 — We’re voting for SNOW!

Cold temps blasted into the midwest and northeast overnight and a few of the usual suspects are talking about opening this weekend…Michigan’s Ski Brule has pegged 10:00 am CST Friday, serving up snow on Log Jam and Bunny Trail with the Big Bear Chairlift and Bambi Rope Tow spinning. They’ll go until 4:00 PM, and Friday tix are free — can’t beat that. Brule will be open Saturday & Sunday with $20 tix, then they’ll close to make more snow, planning to reopen with regular daily operations on November 17. Huzzah! Check the photo above, that’s a live shot from yesterday at Brule…twig season in New England and Sunday River sez they’ll spin some time this weekend fer sure. Probably be a little sketchy as the plan is to open upper Locke Mountain with lift access from the Locke Triple mid-station. Hmmm. Once that is ready, Riv will focus the snow on Barker Mountain, followed by South Ridge and Spruce Peak. Hey, they’re making a run at it. Other news from the western Maine biggie is that all chairs are now hanging on the new Spruce Peak Triple; they’re scheduled for a load test mid month…elsewhere in New England, Peak Resorts properties Wildcat NH and Mount Snow VT both claim they’re going to open this weekend…Vermont biggies Sugarbush and Stowe both have the guns on, even throwback Mad River Glen getting in on the action with a dusting up top…not to be outdone, California getting more in on the action with Mammoth Mountain scheduled to open Thursday the 9th. They got 6″ free from the sky and they’re blowing like crazy, see photo below from early this morning on Broadway:
snowmaking at mammoth mountain california

back to the northeast, Killington going crazy with snowmaking for the upcoming World Cup race on Superstar, and they’re also blowing up high on Rime and Reason. Don’t be surprised if Kmart spins the North Ridge Triple on Thursday or Friday, with up and down-loading on the K1 gondy…sorry to say I’m done with Jerry of the Day. It’s a web brand that pokes fun at clueless skiers and folks in general, usually for harmless stupidity that goes ridiculously wrong. Well the latest post shows some moron speeding through a crossover tunnel and crashing into a couple of kids who are plodding along at the other end. What’s really disturbing is that the majority of comments put the blame on the kids! These are the imbeciles we share the slopes with, sorry to say. I’d like to see one of those idiots crash into a stalled car at the end of the Eisenhower Tunnel and tell Colorado Highway Patrol that it wasn’t their fault…mucho snow in the Tetons at Jackson Hole, we’re talking feet up high, they’ve scheduled Nov 25 opener.