News Roundup 11/29/16 — Fire & Ice

29 November 2016 — Biggest ski news of the day revolves around Ober Gatlinburg TN, photo above, which is a quirky operation steeped in the south and adjacent to Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Anyway CNN, the Washington Post, and Tennessee Emergency Management something or other reported that the ski resort was destroyed by wildfire overnight. This morning Ober Gatlinburg tweeted that all was well, no harm done, and posted video to prove it. Now there is an aerial tram that connects downtown G’burg to the resort; we have no word yet on what is going on down there or at Gatlinburg Skylift, which is a double chairlift attraction that is much beloved by ski lift fans. Elsewhere in the region millions — probably billions — of dollars in damage and loss, including a lot of cabin developments that serve up lodging for the resort in the winter months. But at this point, no damage to the ski area. We’ll update as the murky waters clear…Yesterday Cyber Monday reported on a deal via Liftopia, $75 buys a $100 gift card that can be loaded directly into your account, a real good idea for the upcoming season. Well as of this morning it’s still available, so if you haven’t done it, don’t miss it. Here’s the link…got some updates to the indemnified bindings list

Photo above courtesy Ober Gatlinburg.