News Roundup 11/2/16

2 November 2016 — Photo above is mystery ski area, answer tomorrow…Utah news, I’ve been holding off on this one to see what comes of it, Powder Mountain has embarked on a big-time expansion with two new chairlifts and what the consortium of owners say will be a new town some six miles from the existing mid-mountain base. PowMow claims this will be bigger than Park City, although I don’t know if that means the previous Park City or the gargantuan Park City that merged/swallowed the former Canyons Resort…warm temps putting a bit of a damper on the very early season openings, not sure how they’ll weather the rains east or west. One bit of bright news is they were finally able to turn the guns back on the lower part of the Home Run trail at Loveland yesterday. Again, not sure to what end at this point…long time Skiernet users who suddenly found themselves here this morning, welcome! The skiernet site group is still under construction, so rather than serve up stale information we’re forwarding you here until that gets up and running…California’s Boreal has a foot of fresh, they’re likely to announce an opening day soon…turning north, a few inches of fresh on the ground this morning at Timberline, expect an announcement soon — they appear to have enough snow on the upper public run on Palmer.