News Roundup, 10/13/16

Above, Picabo Street back in the day.

13 October 2016 —  Norwegian XC great Therese Johaug has tested positive for the steroid clostebol, which the Norwegian Ski Federation claims was the result of a lip balm used to treat sunburn back in August.  Unsure what the fallout will be; Johaug won gold in the 4×5-kilometer relay at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, as well as silver and bronze at the 2014 Sochi Olympics…great article in the Wall Street Journal last week about Lindsey Vonn’s youth.  In it she talks glowingly about meeting Picabo Street: “It was like seeing a superhero in real life. I stared at her with my mouth open. Seeing Picabo made me want to be her. I don’t recall what she said to me, but she was charismatic and nice. She had this presence, and I felt special.”  Linds also says she’s more afraid of bugs than careening down a mountain at 80 mph!  It’s a nice read as we approach the season, here’s a link…Regret to report that a 41-year-old contractor for the Utah DOT was killed yesterday when some equipment rolled over him high on the slopes at Alta; early reports are he was involved in some sort of construction intended for avalanche control or abatement, no real details available.  Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.