Indemnified Bindings

DANGER! Severe injury/Permanent disability if gear selection and setting not done by professional. Data and suggestions provided here are for informational purposes only. By reading this page, user agrees that Ski Bum USA is not liable for any subsequent use of this information. Skiing is a dangerous sport, you can die. Even new equipment can fail inexplicably due to unforeseen hazards or issues, resulting in injury, paralysis, coma, loss of limbs, permanent disability, internal injuries, thrombosis, concussion, disfigurement, heart failure, stroke, suffocation, decapitation, pain and suffering, and/or death.

Why We Provide This List

We believe that educated, active, informed and involved enthusiasts are the way to grow the sport.

We believe that a healthy market for used equipment will engage millions of people who otherwise can’t afford to ski.

We believe the volunteer at the municipal rope tow should be able to find out immediately if the bindings on the donated skis are indemnified.

Apparently most manufacturers and retailers disagree. So, they refuse to make this information available to the public. I call foul. Shame on the ski manufacturing and ski retailing community for this. I can’t think of any healthy, growing sport for which the supply chain so actively tries to make that sport unapproachable for the common man. Alpine skiing participation, on the other hand, is flat. In fact the number of participants has fallen dramatically over the past half century. I say the manufacturers and retailers are helping to kill the very sport from which they earn their livelihood, the sport that we love.

So despite their efforts to keep you in the dark, here’s the list for 2017-2018.

Remember that the ultimate determination of whether or not a shop will work on a binding is the opinion of the technician. This list is provided ONLY to show which bindings the manufacturers are still supporting through liability indemnification.


Race: RC4 Z 20 FF X Race Service (RD), RC4 Z20 Freeflex Race Service, RC4 Z 18 FF X Race Service, RC4 Z 18 Race Service, RC4 Z 16 FF X Race Service, RC4 Z16 Race Service, RC4 Z 17 Freeflex, RC4 Z 13 Freeflex, RC4 Z 11 Freeflex
C-Line: C-Line Z 13 RaceTrack, C-Line Z10 RaceTrack, C-Line Z13, Flowflex 2.0, C-Line Z 9 Flowflex 2.0
High Performance: MBS 13 RC4 Powerrail, MBS 10 Powerrail, RSX 12 Powerrail, MBS 12 Powerrail, RC4 Z 17 Flowflex, RC4 Z13, Flowflex, Pro Z13 Flowflex, RX Z13 Flowflex, RC4 Z 13, RaceTrack, RC4 Z 13 Flowflex 2.0, RSX Z 13 RaceTrack, RSX Z13 Flowflex 2.0, RSX Z12 Flowflex 2.0, RC4 Z12 Flowflex 2.0, RC4 Z12 Powerrail, RC4 Z12 Railflex 2, RC4 Z12 Flowflex, FSX12 Flowflex, FX12 Flowflex, RSX 12 Powerrail, FSX12 Railflex 2, FX12 Railflex 2, FX12, RC4 Z11 Powerrail, RC4 Z11 Railflex 2, RS11 Powerrail, FS11 Railflex 2, RS10 Powerrail, FS10 Railflex 2, RS9 SLR, RS9, RS10, FS10, RS11, FS11
Women: My MBS 10 Powerrail, W 10 Womantrack, W 10 Powertrack, W 9 Womentrack, W 9 AC SLR, V 10 Powerrail, V9 MyStyle, V9 Railflex fw,
Junior: RC4 Z9, FJ7 AC, FJ7 SLR, FJ7, FJ7 AC Junior Rail, FJ4 Junior Rail, FJ4 AC, FJ4 SLR, FJ4, FJ4 AC Junior Rail, FJ4 Junior Rail,
Freeride/Slopestyle: Adrenalin 16 , Adrenalin 13, ATTACK 16, ATTACK 13, ATTACK 13 DEMO, ATTACK 11 DEMO, ATTACK 13 LT, ATTACK 13 AT, ATTACK 11, ATTACK2 16/13/11 AT, Ambition 12, Ambition 10 X17, X14, X13, X 11, X10, X9, X7
Rental: ATTACK2 13/11 AT Demo, XTR 10 Pro, XTR 10 Rent, XTR 7 AC Pro, XTR 4 AC Rent, XTR 12 Pro, XTR 10 Pro Premount, XTR 13 Pro plus, XTR Pro 12 C-Line, XTR 12 Pro, XTR 4 AC Pro, XTR 9 Pro C-Line Premount, XTR 9 Pro, XTR 9 Pro Premount, FSX11 Railflex2 Demo, FX12 Railflex2 Demo


Current Retail Models: Baron EPF, Duke EPF, Griffon 13 ID, Jester 18 Pro, Jester 16 ID, Kingpin 10, Kingpin 13, Race Xcell 12/16/18/24, Race 10, Race 10 TCX, Race Junior 8, Squire 11 ID, F12 Tour EPF, F10 Tour, Free 7, Free 8, Free Ten, FDT TPX 12.0, FDT TP 11.0, FDT TP 10.0, FDT TLP 10.0, 12.0 TPX, 11.0 TP, 10.0, 10.0 Fastrak III, FDT 7.0, FDT 7.0 System, 7.0, 7.0 RTL , FDT 4.5, FDT 4.5 System, 4.5, 4.5 RTL
Current Demo Models: Kingpin 10 Demo, Kingpin 13 Demo, Griffon/Jester/Squire Demo
IMPORTANT NOTE: This list of Marker bindings is INCOMPLETE. Marker’s indemnification program usually covers an entire series of bindings for approximately ten years. So it is probably safe to conclude that late model bindings with the Baron/Duke/Griffon/Jester/Kingpin, and Squire and Schizo names are still current. Likewise, bindings with numbers 4.5, 7.0, 10.0, 11.0, 12.0 are most likely current, regardless of further indentifiers. We will publish additional information when available.


Current Retail Models: N Guardian MNC 16, N Guardian MNC 13, N MTN, N Warden MNC 13, NR Warden MNC 13 Demo, D Warden MNC 13 Demo, F Warden 11 Demo, NR Warden 11 Demo, N Warden 11, N STH2 WTR 16, N STH2 WTR 13, X 20, X 19, X 16, X 12, N Z12 Speed, N Z12 Speed Ti, N Z12 Ti Smartrak, N Z12 Ti, N Z12, S Z12 Speed, M XT12, M XT12 Ti, M XT10, M XT10 Ti, K Z12 Smartrak, K Z12 Ti Smartrak, K Z10 Smartrak, K Z10 Ti Smartrak, N Z 10 Ti W, N Z10, N L10, E Lithium 10, E Lithium 10 W, E Mecury 11, N L7, N C5, H C5 SR
Recent Retail Models: N Guardian WTR 16, N Guardian WTR 13, N STH 16 Steel, N STH 16 Driver, N STH 14 Driver, N STH 14, N STH 12 Driver, N STH 12 Oversized N STH 10, N Z14 Speed, S Z12, N Z10 FIS 20, J Z10, J Z12, J L10, E L7 Easytrak, J L10 Junior, N L9 / N L9W, N TZ5, N T5, E C5 / E Ezytrak 5, Z 920 Lab, Z 916 Lab, Z 914 Lab, Z 11, Z 10 Ti Axe +, S 914 Lab, S 914 FIS 26.3/20/17, S 305 GROM, LZ 9, LZ 8, LZ 7, L 9 W, L 9, C 610, C 609 Ti, C 609 D+, C 609, C 608 FIS 17, C 608 CP2, C 608 CP, C 608, C 607, C 305 MINI GROM, C 305 MINI, C 305 GROM, C 305, 920 Equipe Race, 916 Equipe Comp, 914 FIS, 914 F1S 20, 710 Smartrak Grip
Still Indemnified/Final Season: 610 CP, 609 D+, 914, 711, 710, 610, 609, 608, 607, 305, S 914 Pilot, S 914 FIS Pilot, S 912 Ti Pilot, S 912 Ti PaE2, S 912 Ti, S 912 PS, S 912 FIS Pilot, S 912 FIS 24, S 912 FIS, S 912, S 910 T FIS 26,3/24/20 S 910 FIS 24, S 810 Ti SC Pilot, S 810 Ti PS, S 810 Ti Pilot, S 810 Ti Axe+, S 810 Ti, S 810 PS, S 810 Pilot, S 810 CP, S 810, S 711 PS, S 711 PA, S 711 CP, S 710 Ti Pilot, S 710 Ti CP2, S 710 Ti, S 710 SC Pilot, S 710 Pilot, S 710 PA, S 710 DP, S 710 CP2, S 710 CP, S 710, C 610 CP2, C 610 CP, S 914 PE2, S 914 FIS, S 914 Axe+, S 914, S 910 T PS, S 910 T Axe+, S 910 T, S 910, S 812 PA, S 811 PS, S 608 CP, C509 D+, C 509 Dr+, C 509
Current Rental Bindings: NR Z 12 SC, NR Z 10 SC, NR L10 SC, NR L10 SR, NR L10 Easytrak, E Ezy 7 Easytrak, NR L7 Easytrak, E L10 Easytrak, E Lithium 10 Easytrak, E Mecury 11, H C5 SR, NR C5 Easytrak, E Ezy 5 Easytrak
Recent Rental Bindings: K Z12 Smartrak, K Z10 Smartrak, NR L8 SC, NR LZ7 SR, NR L9 W SC, NR L9 W Easytrak, NR L7 SR, NR L7 SC, NR Z12 Ti SC, NR TZ5 SR, NR TZ5 Junior Trak, NR TZ5 SC / T5 SR / T5 SC, S 305 SC, S 305 Grom SC, Q 3 SR, Q 3 SC, Cosmic S 710 SR, Cosmic S 710 SC, Cosmic S 710, C 609 SC, C 608 SR, C 608 SC, C 607 SR, C 607 SC, C 305 SR, C 305 Grom SR
Still Indemnified/Final Season Rental Bindings: 710 SC, 609 SR, 609 SC, 608 SC, 607 SR, 305 SR, 305 SC, S 912 Ti SC Pilot, S 912 Ti SC, S 810 Ti SC, Cosmic S 712 SC, 711 SC, S 700 SR, S 700 SC Drive Plus, S 700 SC, S 300 SC, Q 500 SR, Q 500 SC Drive Plus, Q 500 SC, Q 400 SR, Q 300 SR, Q 300 SC, C 509 SR, C 509 SC

Note about “Final Season”: Salomon has been known to list bindings as “final season,” then prolong the indemnification for yet another season. The last dozen or so in both of the final season lists above were listed the same way last year, so they are likely indeed in the final “final season.”

More about Salomon: According to their website, Salomon says: “Older models of Salomon bindings no longer on the Schedule of Indemnified Bindings may still be serviced, however Liability Indemnification will not be offered by Salomon for these models of bindings. Dealers wishing to service these models of bindings can reduce their liability risk by requiring an additional waiver and release agreement and attaching it to the Workshop Form. Such waivers should be reviewed by a dealer’s own legal counsel to ensure compliance with applicable laws.

Salomon bindings are not designed or tested for use with Mono Boards, therefore bindings mounted on Monoboards will not be indemnified.

That’s all we have so far.

Binding FAQs — Read this BEFORE you use the list.

Q: And what is indemnification?
A: In short, it means the manufacturer will “support” the certified technician in the event of legal action. That’s all.

Q: Does indemnification mean that a binding is definitely usable?
A: No. See question #1 immediately above.

Q: Does non-indemnified mean that the binding is no longer usable?
A: Not necessarily. It just means you do so completely and totally at your own risk.

Q: Why should I care if a binding is still indemnified?
A: Because if you buy skis with non-indemnified bindings, you probably won’t find a shop willing to adjust them for you. If you do find a shop that will work on old bindings, they will make you sign a hold harmless form. Aside from that, non-indemnified bindings tend to be older. Moisture, freezing, thawing…a lot of things going on inside the bindings, and it all relies on spring performance. Even if the skis were stored in a humidity controlled environment, do you want to trust your knee to a spring that has been compressed for 15 years?

Q: What if a binding is listed but the shop won’t work on it?
A: That’s their right. If a binding appears to be damaged, corroded, or otherwise hinky, the technician may still refuse to work on it.

Q: What if a binding is on this list but turns out NOT to be indemnified?
A: We made a mistake, or something changed. Again, you use this at your own risk, as a general guide. Check with your a professional ski technician before you do anything.

Q: What if a binding is indemnified but I still tear my knee apart?
A: Fate can be a fickle friend. You ski, and you use this information at your own risk. Sorry about the knee.

Also remember that the “indemnification” is only that of the manufacturer willing to back the certified retailer, not when you or I install our own bindings or screw around with settings.

The Ultimate Determination of whether or not a shop will work on a binding is the opinion of the technician. This list is provided ONLY to show which bindings the manufacturers are still supporting through liability indemnification.

Now, all that being said, some ski shops may indeed work on non-indemnified equipment. When they do, they will ask you to sign something that says this:

I have requested this shop to service, mount or adjust ski equipment that is old, obsolete or which otherwise fails to meet current industry standards or manufacturer recommendations. THIS SHOP HAS WARNED ME NOT TO USE THIS EQUIPMENT AS IT MAY INCREASE MY RISK OF INJURY OR DEATH WHILE SKIING, BUT I HAVE DECLINED TO FOLLOW THIS SHOP’S RECOMMENDATIONS. I understand and agree that MY USE OF THIS EQUIPMENT MAY INCREASE THE RISK OF MY BEING INJURED as a result of an inadvertent release or a non-release of the ski/binding/boot system or from some other cause. This shop has recommended that this equipment be replaced with a current model, which incorporates improvements as to safety, performance and reliability, and I have declined to follow that advice. I AGREE TO ASSUME ALL RISKS of injury or death that may result from this course of action.

As an express condition of having the shop service this equipment, I also agree to DEFEND, INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS, as well as to RELEASE FROM ANY LIABILITY, this shop, as well as all manufacturers and distributors of this ski equipment, and all of their agents and employees, for any injuries, damages or legal obligations that may arise from any person’s use of this equipment. This agreement is legally binding upon me and upon my heirs and assigns, and shall be enforced to the fullest extent allowed by law. It is not intended to assert any claims or defenses which are prohibited by law, however, and if any part of this agreement is deemed unenforceable, all other parts shall be given full force and effect. Some states limits the use or legal effect of liability releases, and the specific rights of the parties may vary from state to state.

If this equipment is used by someone other than me, I certify that I am acting on my behalf and as agent for the user and that I will provide this form and all warnings and information to the user.


Is that so bad? If you find someone willing to work on your ancient bindings, just sign the thing.

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