3/27/18 Sam’s Adventures Continue: Titcomb Ski Area

Between the rocky coast and western mountains of Maine sits the pleasant community of Farmington, which besides being difficult to get to, has a vibrant regional branch of the state university. It also has tiny Titcomb ski area, which most skiers simply ignore as they head for better known hills. But as our New England correspondent Sam Shirley points out time and again, there’s something to be said for these little local tows. In this case, a pretty decent ski hill with a great t-bar and a throwback lodge that can’t be beat. Here’s Sam’s take on things…

I stopped by Titcomb for about an hour and a half while in Farmington. There was a ton of snow and all trails were open. They were only running the #2 T-bar, but it was pretty busy and there was sometimes a short wait to get on. The snow was heavy packed powder with wet powder in the woods. It’s a fun area with more terrain variety than would be expected from an area of that size. There’s excellent novice terrain, a good terrain park, an area of moguls, glades, and tough steeps.

Here are a few more photos from Sam…

I don’t care who you are, that patch of woods will put anyone to the test!

…back tomorrow to catch up on all kinds of news.

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