2/15/17 — Rewriting History

15 February 2017 — No, “Rewriting History” does not refer to Hollywood, they do a fine job and don’t need my help. I’m referring to Pennsy’s Shawnee Mountain and their rather questionable promotional effort…

…unless of course you consider his role as President of the Supreme Executive Council of Pennsylvania worthy of Presidents’ Day honors. Now, on the positive side, Shawnee is serving up excellent skiing with all but two trails open…avy search continues in the Flat Top Wilderness near Steamboat CO; three backcountry skiers caught up yesterday afternoon. One survived, one was killed, one still missing…Wyoming State Senate working on a bill to protect ski areas from frivolous lawsuits. Some Senators oppose it, others say the law is necessary to keep the smaller areas viable. (While Wyoming has three sizable resorts, there are seven more operations that are “mom & pop” at best) State Senator Sen. Dave Kinskey of Sheridan spoke about Meadowlark Ski Lodge in the Bighorns, which has a top ticket price of $18. It once offered lessons, until a girl was injured when her dad interfered with the class, prompting Meadowlark’s insurance company to require certified instructors….and finally, our photo above is a salute to the French Team of Tessa Worley, Mathieu Faivre, Alexis Pinturault, Julien Lizeroux, Nastasia Noens and Adeline Baud Mugnier, who garnered the gold medal at the FIS World Championships Nations Team Event in St. Moritz.

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